RISIKO's Core Service Products Include:

→ Facilitation of risk workshops

→ Development and implementation of an ERM framework consistent with ISO 31000:2009

→ Provision of a tool to identify potential gaps in existing risk management frameworks

     This will:   

  • ensure consistency with ISO 31000:2009
  • help to remedy gaps to accelerate the framework's successful implementation

→ Development of an ERM framework implementation plan

→ Implementation of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software in line with your organisation's ERM framework at reasonable cost 

     Key deliverables include:

  • Set-up of your organisational structure including users and provision of relevant user profiles
  • Implementation of a process to facilitate risk identification in line with relevant objectives
  • Implementation of individual risk management workflows for specialised areas of risk, including Strategic-/Safety-/Business-/Operations-/and Project-Risk
  • Management of execution and status reporting of risk mitigating actions
  • Provision of system generated risk reporting customised to your needs

RISIKO is partnering with Kwela Solutions, a provider of Governance Risk Compliance and Contract Management Software. In this software, RISIKO has set up a demonstration of a company’s risk management process, including risk reporting, affording you the opportunity to see Enterprise Risk Management in practice as well as a potential solution for your needs prior to committing to the product.

→ Staff risk management training, including:

  • Practical 'On the Job' training related to risk identification/-analysis/-evaluation and /- treatment
  • Training of risk managers and/or risk teams to operate and maintain GRC software       

→ Training on-demand

  • RISIKO produces customised tutorial videos for your purposes
  • RISIKO can host these tutorial videos for you and update them over time
  • The tutorial videos can be watched by users embedded in the GRC software Folio 

→ Implementation of Governance related processes, including:

  • Hazard notification process
  • Incident management process
  • Complaints and compliments process
  • Whistleblower process consistent with AS 8004:2003 - Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities -
  • Conflict of Interest process
  • Gifts and benefits process