RISIKO - 风险咨询公司自豪地宣布,澳华疗养院基金(ANHF)选择RISIKO作为其风险咨询合作伙伴。 ANHF成立于1980年,是澳大利亚最大的华人养老机构之一。 作为全国领先的文化和语言多元化(CALD)老年护理提供商之一,ANHF对双语风险和事件管理以及双语报告提出了具体的要求。 RISIKO很高兴能与ANHF合作,并在GRC软件Folio内满足中英文要求。

Australian Nursing Home Foundation - 澳华疗养院基金

RISIKO – Risk Consulting is proud to announce that Australian Nursing Home Foundation (ANHF) have selected RISIKO as their risk consulting partner.

ANHF was formed in 1980 and is one of the largest Chinese Aged Care Providers in Australia. As one of the country's leading providers of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) aged care, ANHF has specific requirements regarding bilingual risk and incident management, as well as bilingual reporting. RISIKO is excited to be working with ANHF and meeting these requirements in English and Chinese, within the GRC software Folio.

Article on Expert360 - A Quick Guide To Operational Risk Management

In this article, I have shared some practical experience, including failures and how to overcome them, when developing and implementing risk management frameworks. The article provides a series of considerations and steps to assist preparation for the implementation of formalised risk management or to enhance the effectiveness of existing risk management efforts. It is not directly addressed to risk professionals per se, but rather, to any individual who may make decisions related to the implementation of operational risk management in their organisation.