Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) - Software

You might choose to operate your risk management process through existing risk management software or even on spreadsheets. Independent of your individual circumstances, RISIKO will support your risk management needs.

However, if you:

  • are yet to implement risk management software and plan to do so
  • feel that your current software does not adequately support your needs

you might consider requesting a demonstration of an example organisation's risk management process, including risk reporting, using RISIKO’s own instance of GRC-Software.

This affords you the opportunity to see Enterprise Risk Management in practice, as well as a potential solution for your needs, prior to committing to a software product.

Software Provider - Kwela Solutions

RISIKO is partnering with Kwela Solutions. Kwela Solutions is the provider of the Governance Risk Compliance and Contract Management Software Folio.

Folio is a relatively new product based on the latest on-demand technology. It has been developed, and is managed by, a team with more than a decade of experience in this area. In one of my previous management positions I was a satisfied customer of this reliable and easy to work with team, for many years.

Why Folio?


→ Folio's functionality allows: 

  • easy creation of customised fields 
  • high degree of customisation of its terminology
  • high degree of user profile customisation
  • highly, as well as easily, customisable reporting including filtering and grouping of customised fields
  • easy access through mobile devices without requiring mobile applications

All of these features significantly facilitate implementation while saving time and cost. 


→ Folio provides functionality to help your business identifying risks in line with its objectives

This contributes to the successful:

  • execution of risk workshops
  • identification of risks relevant to your business
  • risk reporting against objectives

→ Folio can be operated in a way that it:

  • guides line management and other risk owners through the risk assessment process
  • supports this process through explanations and examples

thereby reducing the need for support through guidelines and procedures outside the software, as well as training effort. Qualitative risk assessments do not require the use of excel spreadsheets and subsequent upload of information into the software.

→ One of the biggest advantages of Folio is that its individual template structure allows organisations to establish individual risk assessment flows for different areas of risk, for example Business-/Strategic-/Health Safety & Environment-/Project-/ or Operations - Risk

This will help your organisation to satisfy the individual risk management needs of the various parts of your business.

→ As mentioned above, Folio is on-demand software and involves only the purchase of licenses rather than the purchase of the software itself. Regular software updates are included in the license cost

→ Folio's functionality is not separated into individual modules 

Once you select this product you can also manage:

  • compliance
  • incidents
  • contracts
  • conflicts of interest 

by applying the licenses, you purchased. There is no extra cost for utilising the entire range of Folio's functionality.

→ Kwela confirms that its customers' data is stored in Australia