RISIKO will help you:

→ Demystify risk in your organisation by providing a 'real world' risk management process to your business that is supportive and easy to apply

→ Make informed decisions based on risk as part of your planning process

→ Identify and manage the risks that matter to your organisation by linking your objectives to your risk register

→ Develop or enhance your organisation's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework consistent with ISO 31000:2009 and implement your framework

→ Develop and execute an implementation plan

→ Put your risk management framework into action through implementation of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) software at reasonable cost

→ Train your staff to be able to fulfil their risk management responsibilities, including training on-demand

What you can achieve with RISIKO's support

Ada Cheng - CEO of the Australian Nursing Home Foundation is sharing her experience of implementing practical risk management with RISIKO's support.

Please find below the recording of a webinar between Ada Cheng , Oliver Poss - Director and Principal Consultant at RISIKO, and Tarun Philip - Co-founder and Director at Kwela Solutions (Folio GRC software).


Work with a partner

→ Who had the responsibility to successfully implement an effective risk management framework into an organisation; i.e. who used to be 'in your shoes'

→ Who demonstrated the ability to successfully manage a risk function and work with all levels of management, as well as frontline operations personnel

→ Whose aim it is for you to achieve the successful operation of your risk management framework and to maintain an ongoing positive relationship with your organisation